Artificial Intelligence and Crypto, The Perfect Match ?

AI is revolutionizing industries, and the crypto world is no exception. In fact, many prominent traders on Twitter are now suggesting that AI-based tokens may be the sector to lead the next bull market cycle. 

The recent surge in AI crypto tokens has been impressive, with some seeing average gains of 80% in just the past week. 

The big winners in this space include Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), Fetch AI (FET), and Singularity Net (AGIX). 

Singularity Net has been the standout performer, rising an astonishing 183% in the past seven days alone. Even tokens that were popular in 2018 and 2021, such as Big Data Protocol (BDP) and Measurable Data (MDT), are benefiting from the current AI hype. 

For those looking to invest in the crypto space, AI-based tokens may be a wise choice. With the potential to revolutionize industries and disrupt traditional models, the future of AI in crypto looks bright. And with the recent surge in prices, there’s never been a better time to get involved. As always, do your own research and invest wisely