Deadline for Mt. Gox Bitcoin Repayment Postponed

The deadline for the return of stolen bitcoins from the failed Mt. Gox exchange has been postponed. The initial deadline for registration, which required customers to provide their identity and select a payment method, was January 10th. However, it was recently announced that creditors now have until March 10th to register for the bitcoin payout. The reason for the change is reportedly due to the progress of rehabilitation creditors. After this date, the rehabilitation trustee will begin verifying the content of the selection and registration in order to make the repayment as soon as possible after March 10th. Customers who have already completed the process to recover their BTC do not need to redo it and do not need to make any changes to their completed registration.

Mt. Gox was the first bitcoin (BTC) exchange, operating since 2010. Within three years, it became the largest bitcoin exchange in the world, handling nearly 70% of all bitcoin transactions globally. However, in 2014 the crypto exchange went bankrupt following a major hack. A total of 850,000 BTC were stolen, which at the current bitcoin rate would be worth over $14 billion. Victims have been waiting for years for a return of some of their bitcoins. 141,686 BTC were recovered but have not yet been distributed among the victims.