Exploring the Capabilities of the iPhone’s LiDAR Sensor: 3 Must-Have Apps

The iPhone is a versatile device that can be used for a wide range of tasks, including those that utilize its advanced features like the LiDAR sensor. Here are three apps that take advantage of the LiDAR sensor in unique and interesting ways:

Polycam is a 3D scanning app that allows you to capture detailed 3D models of real-life objects and scenes. You can use the app in real-time or with photos from your library, and it even includes a feature called Room Mode that allows you to measure furniture for floor planning purposes. Polycam exports 3D models as OBJ files that can be opened in any supported software.

Snapchat has a feature called Lens Studio that allows creators to use the LiDAR sensor to create AR lenses that combine real-life footage with virtual objects. These lenses can be used to add pets, change the scenery, or even add people to your snaps. The LiDAR sensor allows these lenses to detect real-world physics like gravity and depth, making them incredibly effective.

Night Vision Camera & Video is an app that allows you to capture photos in night vision using the LiDAR sensor as an infrared camera. This provides an interesting effect on your photos and gives you an alternative way to use your iPhone to see in the dark.