Google to Introduce Chatbot Feature to Search Engine

Google is reportedly planning to add a chatbot feature to its search engine later this year, similar to the popular ChatGPT chatbot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer questions. According to The New York Times, the tech giant is set to announce over 20 new products this year, including the chatbot version of the search engine. The chatbot will prioritize summarizing facts, ensuring safety, and preventing misinformation.

The launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November has caused alarm bells to ring at Google, as the chatbot can provide answers to many questions in natural language, thereby providing an alternative to searching for information on Google. Users can get direct answers instead of having to click through search results to websites. Microsoft, one of the major investors in OpenAI, also plans to integrate ChatGPT into its search engine Bing.

Google has been developing AI applications for over a decade, such as in photography for Google Pixel smartphones and the acquisition of the AI company DeepMind in 2014. The company’s leaders aim to maintain their status as pioneers in the field of AI with the new applications. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are closely involved in the new AI plans, which is unusual as they have not been involved in the daily operations of the company since 2019.

Google is expected to announce the plans in May during its annual conference Google I/O. In addition to the chatbot in Google Search, The New York Times reports that there will also be an AI tool for creating and editing images, a greenscreen feature in YouTube for creating backgrounds, and a tool that can generate video summaries. Google is also developing new AI services for software developers and companies, as well as tools for building apps for Android smartphones by generating program codes with AI.