Hollywood Insiders Show Growing Interest in SHIB Metaverse!

The entertainment industry is no stranger to creating trends and influencing popular culture. It is, therefore, not surprising that Hollywood insiders are showing a growing interest in the SHIB Metaverse. Recently, Marcie Jastrow, Senior Vice-President at Technicolor, highlighted the increasing attention being paid to the virtual world in a tweet. Her involvement in the project indicates a rising interest in the SHIB Metaverse within the entertainment industry.

Moreover, rumors of celebrities’ involvement in the SHIB Metaverse have added to the excitement surrounding it. Given that Hollywood stars are known to influence trends, their interest in the Metaverse could increase its visibility and popularity even further.

Jastrow also revealed recent developments regarding the SHIB Metaverse during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, where media, technology, and entertainment experts gather to discuss the latest technological trends. She tweeted, “SHIB the Metaverse is the talk of the town in Hollywood, and Shibarium can handle it all.”

The potential of the Metaverse is enormous, as it provides an innovative platform that combines augmented reality and blockchain technology in the entertainment industry. To illustrate this potential, the Shiba Inu team was invited to showcase their innovative Virtual Reality platform at the prestigious South by Southwest festival in 2023 in Texas.

Looking to the future, users will gain access to several hubs within the Shiba Inu Metaverse by the end of the year. With access to the Metaverse, users can participate in various projects or even choose to play in specific parts of the hub, making the Metaverse even more attractive to a broad audience.

In conclusion, the growing interest of Hollywood insiders in the SHIB Metaverse shows that it has immense potential in the entertainment industry. The involvement of celebrities in the Metaverse could increase its popularity further, leading to even more opportunities for creators, developers, and users.

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