Pixel 7 Pro: A camera-focused smartphone that delivers top-quality photos and unique software features

The Pixel 7 Pro is the top-of-the-line model that stands out due to its cameras. But does the device convince people to switch from competing phone brands like Samsung or Apple?

Pixel phones have already made a name for themselves internationally. The devices are praised for their cameras and the availability of the latest features of the Google Android operating system. Owners of Samsung and OPPO phones, for example, often have to wait months to get the same options.

The Pixel 7 Pro has a large camera bump on the back, giving it a distinct and recognizable look. However, the downside is that dust tends to accumulate quickly in the edge. The Pixel 7 Pro has three cameras on the back: a standard lens (50 megapixels), a wide-angle lens (12 megapixels), and a telephoto lens (48 megapixels, up to five times optical zoom). It also has a macro function for close-up shots and up to 30 times digital zoom on a subject. Google uses special artificial intelligence to make the photos as sharp as possible, although you shouldn’t expect miracles when zooming digitally; the photos become grainier. The cameras deliver top-quality photos in almost all conditions. Thanks to handy sliders, you can easily change settings while taking photos. This allows you to adjust the color temperature and exposure on the fly. The autofocus could be a bit faster and better in our opinion. Focusing sometimes takes a fraction too long and more than once the camera focuses on the wrong subject.

The Pixel 7 Pro offers a lot of options for post-processing photos. For example, you can have the software remove objects that are in the way and sharpen blurry or moving photos. The results are mixed. Removing objects works especially well when there is little distraction in the environment, otherwise ghostly shadows are created. But a pole on an open grass field is no problem, and with this, the “magic eraser” function really lives up to its name. Sharpening old or blurry photos also feels magical at times, but sometimes the software goes too far. For example, subtle edges are sometimes thickened or faces are unnaturally altered.

The Pixel 7 Pro doesn’t rely on gimmicks, but excels with its unique camera (software) functions. In addition, it’s simply a very solid Android phone with a large, clear screen that doesn’t stutter – even with the heaviest games. The battery easily lasts a full day. And if you’re very careful, you can even stretch it to a second day. The Pixel 7 Pro is also slightly more affordable than the competition.