Record Number of Retail Investors Holding Bitcoin

According to data from Glassnode, a growing number of “retail investors” are now holding Bitcoin. In fact, 17% of all Bitcoins are now held by these individual investors, a record high. This trend is interesting because it shows that the wealth generated by Bitcoin is being more evenly distributed, rather than being concentrated among a small group of “whales” as is often the case with traditional fiat currencies.

There are a few reasons for this trend. One is that people are losing trust in central banks and national currencies due to inflation. Additionally, large international cryptocurrency exchanges have not always proven to be as secure as people thought, leading investors to withdraw their funds and manage them themselves.

Glassnode defines a retail investor as any wallet holding a maximum of 10 Bitcoins, which is currently worth around 160,000 EUR at current exchange rates. It’s worth noting that exchanges and miners are excluded from this data, and that a single address may belong to multiple users.

Overall, this trend of more retail investors holding Bitcoin is a positive development as it indicates that the cryptocurrency is becoming more accessible and decentralized. However, it’s important for individuals to carefully consider the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency and to thoroughly educate themselves before making any investments