SHIB has attracted a diverse group of supporters, from crypto influencers to celebrities.

SHIB, also known as Shiba Inu, has been gaining popularity among the crypto community. This dog-themed crypto has attracted the attention of several well-known figures, including celebrities and influencers.

Jeremie Davinci, a well-known crypto YouTuber and early Bitcoin adopter. In a tweet last year, Davinci said that he had sold everything except SHIB and Dogecoin, although he later clarified that this was a joke.  even recently tweeting “Umm SHIB” in response to a question about which crypto is worth spending USDT on.

Another SHIB fan is Gokhshtein, a crypto enthusiast and ardent supporter of dog-themed cryptocurrencies. Gokhshtein has urged SHIB to reach the $0.01 level, even saying that he would delete his Twitter account if it does. He has also hinted that he has been loading up on SHIB and has asked his followers if they have too.

Several celebrities seems also interested in SHIB, including Kai Greene, a bodybuilder and actor best known for his role in the Netflix show Stranger Things, and Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys. 

Rapper and actor Ice-T has also endorsed SHIB, calling it a “very forward-thinking investment,” and NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has proclaimed SHIB to be the “next Dogecoin.”

Even Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has shown interest in SHIB, following its Twitter account for a short while before reverting to its usual practice of following a short list of closely related products.

While some notable figures have shown support for SHIB, others, such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk and rapper Snoop Dogg, have not publicly endorsed the cryptocurrency. Despite this, the crypto community continues to speculate about their involvement with SHIB.

Overall, SHIB has attracted a diverse group of supporters, from crypto influencers to celebrities, and its popularity continues to grow within the crypto community.