Soon Monitoring your Blood Sugar level Without a Finger Prick

In an exciting breakthrough, tech giant Apple has developed a blood sugar monitor that can measure blood sugar levels continuously, without the need for a finger prick. 

According to Bloomberg, the device uses a process called absorption spectroscopy, which involves using wavelengths of light to measure the blood sugar level.

The project, codenamed E5, is part of Apple’s Exploratory Design Group, which handles secret research projects. The project was also developed under a startup called Avolonte, which was located near Apple’s headquarters in California.

The ultimate goal for Apple is to add the blood sugar monitor to its popular Apple Watch, providing an alternative for diabetes patients who currently rely on finger prick measurements. This breakthrough could change the lives of millions of people around the world who suffer from diabetes.

Apple’s commitment to improving the lives of people through technology is commendable. This breakthrough could potentially eliminate the need for painful and inconvenient finger prick tests, making it easier for people with diabetes to manage their condition.

With the device still in development, we can only anticipate how it will revolutionize blood sugar monitoring in the future. It is an exciting time for both the tech and healthcare industries, as we see the potential for technology to significantly improve health outcomes.