Tesla Plans to Introduce an Affordable Car to the Market

Tesla, once the pioneer of electric vehicles, is no longer the leader it once was. While they continue to excel in terms of drivetrain (motor and battery), there are now very good alternatives when it comes to the overall package. Tesla’s models are also starting to show their age. The Model S has been around since 2012, the Model X since 2015, and the Model 3 since 2017.

To address this, Tesla is developing a new platform that is currently in the works. According to Insideevs, there are two important things about the platform, in addition to it being more modern. First, it is designed for modularity, making it suitable for new segments, particularly the lower ones. There have been rumors for years about an affordable Tesla in the C-segment, and this new platform may make that possible.

More importantly for Elon Musk and shareholders, the platform is much cheaper. In fact, production costs for the new platform (which has not yet been named) are expected to be halved. Additionally, the platform is so simple in design that Tesla will be able to produce a large number of vehicles.

According to Elon Musk, the production of the new platform will be larger in annual numbers than all current Tesla models combined. This could mean an annual production of more than one million units. These will reportedly be very simple cars with an even simpler interior