The voices of Rick and Morty may sound different in the future, this is why.

According to reports, a new actor will be taking over the voice roles of the two main characters in the popular animated series Rick and Morty. The show, is reportedly undergoing a major behind-the-scenes change.

Actor Justin Roiland, who provided the voices for the characters of Rick and Morty, has been dismissed by the show’s network, Adult Swim, following allegations of domestic violence. The Hollywood Reporter states that the roles of Rick and Morty will be recast, and series co-creator Dan Harmon will continue as the showrunner on his own.

In 2018, Adult Swim ordered a massive 70 new episodes of Rick and Morty, solidifying its status as a fan favorite. In addition to his work on the show, Roiland also lent his voice to the animated series Solar Opposites, which he co-created, and Koala Man. These series are produced by Hulu and can be found on Disney+. It is unclear at this time who will take over the voice roles of Rick and Morty and what impact this change will have on the show.