The World Economic Forum is Preparing for the Metaverse, These are Their Main Topics

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2023 featured workshops on the metaverse, highlighting the importance of user privacy, asset protection, and regulation in the industry. These workshops were part of the WEF’s “Defining and Building the Metaverse” initiative.

The first workshop, “A New Reality: Building the Metaverse,” featured Meta’s chief product officer, Chris Cox. The second workshop, “Deployment in the Industrial Metaverse,” discussed how industries can tap into the benefits of the metaverse while avoiding its disruptive potential.

The WEF also allowed delegates to experience the forum in its own 3D immersive digital sessions called the Global Collaboration Village. These virtual experiences were powered by Web3 technology and allowed attendees to explore Davos in the metaverse.

Blockchain-based metaverse platforms were also present at the WEF, as the traditional finance industry, policymakers, and delegates continued to learn about the potential of metaverse ecosystems. The Sandbox, a popular decentralized metaverse platform, was involved in high-level workshops on the metaverse at the WEF.

The Sandbox’s co-founder Sebastien Borget held meetings with government officials to discuss empowering and protecting digital ownership and digital economies. He also emphasized the importance of regulations that allow room for innovation and experimentation in the metaverse industry. Overall, the WEF’s focus on the metaverse highlights the growing importance of this technology in various industries and the need for proper regulations to ensure user privacy and asset protection