Visa explores automatic payments via Ethereum

Visa, the well-known company behind payment cards and the global payment network, has announced that it is exploring automatic payments via Ethereum. This is exciting news for the crypto world, as it could enable the handling of recurring payments, such as subscription fees for services like Netflix, through the blockchain.

According to Visa, the approach they have introduced could lead to other real-world applications for recurring payments on the blockchain. This move by Visa demonstrates the company’s willingness to stay ahead of the curve and embrace new technology, especially as crypto is potentially paving the way for the next financial revolution.

The potential for automatic payments through Ethereum could open up many doors for the crypto industry. It would make it easier for people to use crypto for everyday payments, increasing adoption and accessibility. This is just one example of the ways in which crypto is continuing to grow and evolve, and it will be interesting to see how Visa’s research into this area develops and what it means for the future of crypto.